“If Kira were an instrument of divinity, it becomes a question of which divinity. If you want to play around with the Book of Revelations, then surely Kira can be argued as an agent of God’s judgment upon the evil of the world. Or did Kira fall to the devil’s temptation? Kira can be aligned with just about any biblical analogy you want to thrust upon him, because his is a case of good against evil, no matter which way you cut it. I can say for certain, that Kira began with the best of intentions, to rid the world of evil—his manner and his method, however, spoke to a larger ambition: to essentially become a god of a so-called New World. It’s an ambition that smacks of pride and ultimate personal gain—the very apex of delusions of grandeur, and yet, he had the means, in more ways than one, to put such an ambition into practice. Kira began by killing criminals—but he killed many others along the way. Innocent people, killed them without thought or remorse for self-preservation. A divine agent of justice would not need to do that, no matter how you reason it. Which makes Kira just a murderer at his core.”

you’re right. i do have dominic by my side. someone who’s much more handsome than eureka’s boyfriend.